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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Busy Times!

There is so much going on right now! Firstly, my tummy has started growing quite a bit (which you will see evidence of on Tuesday). It has only started really growing  in the past few weeks. So I finally look pregnant and less like I ate too many Cheetos.

Can you believe that I will be 20 weeks pregnant on Tuesday! That's 5 months!!! I cannot believe how fast this is all going. I guess time has been flying more now that I have been feeling so much better physically etc. So I have been working more and getting more done as far as chores and errands go. I am also sleeping less during the day and eating more :)  Finally enjoying the perks of pregnancy.

So besides us hitting the 5 month mark on Tuesday, we also have our ultrasound appointment. This is the ultrasound where they tell us if we are carrying little girl Epps or little boy Epps. I cannot wait! As far as people guessing at work etc, it has been split 50/50, so only time will tell! After the appointment Josh and I will be calling the grandparents and aunts ... but after that, keep an eye out for that exciting announcement on facebook  :)

In two weeks, we are moving our little family to a bigger apartment. It's only 15 minutes from where we are now, but it's a nicer area (no college students), has an extra bedroom for our little Peanut, has a washer/dryer IN the apartment (no more lugging laundry around) and a gas stove (the electrical stoves suck!). All those pluses and it isnt that much more expensive. Our apartment is also at the very end of the complex ... so that means less traffic outside our windows aaaaaand a mountain view because it's a newly developing area  :) 
These apartments were only built in 2009, so they have all the latest safety features in the buildings and because they are solid concrete we will hear our neighbors a lot less (thank goodness for that!). Our upstairs neighbors here are nice, but oh my goodness, sometimes it sounds like a family of elephants are living above us ... and they arent even overweight! So I am very excited about the move and so is Josh. I think we will be alot happier there, and I can see our little growing family being a lot happier there. Especially since we wont be surrounded by drunken students, pot smoke and never ending techno music.

So all in all, everything is going great! Besides having to pack of course, but luckily we dont have too much stuff and we're not going very far. So I guess I will talk to you all again (on here) on Tuesday! Feel free to take some last minute guesses  ;)

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