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Saturday, April 28, 2012

I'm a Mommy :)

Monday, April 23rd at 9:27am is when my life changed forever. A little bundle weighing 8lbs 5oz and 21.5 inches long came into the world ... came into my world :) I would like to introduce you to James Thomas Epps, my perfect little boy :)

I spent 26.5 hours in labor. It started when I woke up at 7am on Sunday to use the restroom. When I was about to leave the bathroom I suddenly left a puddle on the floor. I wasn't wearing my glasses at the time, so I went to get them because I couldn't believe that I had just peed on the floor! But, alas, it was not pee ... my water had broken :)  All I could say to Josh was, "It's time."
Since I had not yet started contractions I decided I should have breakfast before heading the hospital because once admitted I would not be allowed to eat, and at the time we didn't know how long I would be in labor for.

The first 13 hours of labor were easy ... I was having some contractions but didn't really feel them. They were light menstrual cramps at worst. Not to mention that was wonderfully distracted by Josh (the best labor and delivery coach EVER!), my parents, whom I couldn't have finished the delivery without and cousins Jeni and Luanne who made the 45 minute drive to hang out through the beginning stages of labor.
The doctor decided at that point to induce my contractions because once your waters have broken you have 18-24 hours before your risk of infections go up.

Dr. Samawi arrived at 7am on Monday and with that being the 24 hour mark it was time to start pushing. I had had an epidural around 3am but sadly they had done something wrong and the feeling was coming back into the right side of my body very quickly. The contractions were becoming very intense and the anasteseologist tried to fix it in time, but it was too late. So I guess I can say that I half gave birth the natural way  :-/   I was pushing for 2.5 hours before I couldn't do it any longer. Little James was very close but just couldn't quite make it out. So we decided to use the vacuum after which he was born about 10 minutes later. I had never felt pain like that before. But once they put him on my chest, it was like the pain had never existed.

The following I will share only so that you know that it's normal and that most women go through this during labor and delivery ... you can, however, chose to skip this part  ;-)

First, the gas during labor was unnatural ... I wasnt aware that the body could produce so much of it! I got lightheaded when they were inserting my IV and drawing blood. I did poop during delivery ... yes it's normal! You might be horrified by this, but by the time it's time to give birth, you wont care ... I promise! I swore infront of my parents for the first time during delivery. I threatened to smack my dad because he was being positive to make me feel better (sorry dad!) and I think I may have growled at Josh for rubbing my leg supportively. I wanted to give up on more than one occasion. On my first trip to the bathroom about 2.5 hours after delivery, I completely blacked out and had to be carried back to my bed. And lastly, I got a 2nd degree perenial tear. I will let you look that one up ... but it ended with me getting many stitches after delivery :-/

I have loved every minute with my little guy. And he is getting fussy now, so I will leave this blog and write again soon!


  1. Hi there Kirsty!!!

    I didn't know you were writing this blog! Oh...and it's been ongoing since last year! It's so so beautiful... Reading this post actually made me quite emotional... My Mam was listening to me read it and she's over the moon for you!

    How has it been? I can't imagine the birth, the labour, the pain... but then when it vanishes I guess, or I KNOW, it shows the power of unconditional love. Man oh man... You're amazing. What a journey!
    Physically getting over the labour, I hope won't be too enduring... but when you're high on life and love, then there's nothing your spirit can't heal...on every level.
    So proud of you!

    Can you give a quick reply with your address? i'd say your ma, da and Laura, are ecstatic! Give them all my love... Ma sends her love too.
    I'll be in touch again soon. Big big hugs...and once again, Well done to both you and Josh :) light, love and laughter to the three of yee! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Congratulations Kirsty and Josh!!! He is beautiful!! <3

  3. Oh Kirsty job well done girl. sounded a bit rough but all worth it. I hope you are healing well. James....what a big baby! Terrence was 7lbs 8 oz and Olivia was 8 pounds and OUCH!! LOL Proud mama thank you for sharing your story!!

    Love, Helen