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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

16 and Pregnant.

I had never watched the TV show '16 and Pregnant' before, but this time of the day (12:45pm) my TV options are very limited and I will never ever watch the soap operas! So anyway, I saw this listed and thought that I would give it try.

It's not as horrible as I thought it would be ... shows on the MTV channel don't have the best track record haha! So I just finished my first episode and I have to admit that watching the baby being born brought tears to my eyes. I cannot yet imagine what it would feel like to see my child for the first time, but just thinking about it brought tears of joy. I watched the 16 year old mom and dad and they were over-joyed getting to hold their baby for the first time.

I cant wait to meet my little James for the first time and for Josh and I to finally become a family of three (aaand Brutus).   :)

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