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Monday, January 9, 2012

Frustrated at Work.

The past week has been pretty stressful due to my restaurant job. In the past 1.5 weeks I have driven home after work 3 times with tears streaming down my face. That cannot be healthy. So here is what is going on.

Over the holidays we got a new general manager at our store because the previous GM was promoted. Over the holidays I requested some time off to visit my family and noticed that the week I returned to work, I was not yet put back on the schedule for those days. But I didn't say anything because I understand that they have to work me back in where they had replaced me for the days I was gone. However, it has been over 2 weeks now and I am still only on the schedule 2 days a week.

The weeks leading up to Christmas the other GM and I were under an agreement to put me on the schedule as much as possible while I was feeling great physically because we knew the time would come when I would have to cut down on my hours due to late pregnancy discomforts. So the GM had me on the schedule 5-6 times a week so that I could save money for the time that I will be on maternity leave.

(History lesson real quick: I have worked at the restaurant for over a year now, which is longer than all other employees bar two. Before becoming pregnant I was next in line for the promotion to shift lead and was in the middle of being trained when I conceived. The GM and I decided that is would be best to put my training on hold, since being a shift lead requires lifting of heavy plates/trays etc and we wanted to make sure that I stayed safe ... so I was obviously good at my job. The GM also often left me in charge while he had to run errands during the day, which tells me that he still saw me as someone capable of leading others and getting my work done whether or not he was present).

So I spoke to the old GM about my schedule concerns and we talked about how I am wanted to save and prepare for when I am not working. He completely agreed and said that I should have been back in the schedule. He said that he has seen my lack of shifts and had spoken to the new GM already and that I should have at least 5 shifts this week ... That didnt happen ... I still only have 2 shifts this week.

The old GM explained to me last week that the new GM is going through a period of getting to know everyone and I understand that. He doesnt know who we are or what we are capable of. But the old GM had also said that he informed the new GM about me and the agreement we were under. But the new GM has been there for 3 weeks now and has worked with everyone on multiple occasions.

To make matters worse, after I had picked up a shift last week, the new GM told me that I couldnt work that shift and completely took me off the schedule for that day ... (he had scheduled me AGAINST my availibilty despite having all that information in the office. So I had switched with someone so that I wouldnt lose 1 of my 2 shifts that week) ... He informed me of his mistakes the day before that shift and said that I didnt need to come in. I was very annoyed but contained myself and continued working on my side work without saying much.

Then as I was getting ready to leave for work a few of us were talking when the new GM interjected, "I dont even know who you are [as a worker], you are sooo moody." ... I was blown away by this statement and didnt really respond to it as I was left speechless. Unless I feel like complete and total crap physically, I keep a positive attitude at work to ensure excellent customer service and I get all my work done. I have never had issues with any of the employees and I havnt had any crazy pregnant moments at work. So I have no idea why he would say that to me.

I was told by my friends later that day that it is a form of descrimination since moodiness is a symptom of pregnancy. (Even though any moodiness has been minimal). The descrimination thing hadnt really crossed my mind. I just feel like I am getting picked on or singled out. I cried on and off for hours after leaving work that day. I was hurt at his personal attack and embarrassed that maybe I have been moody (but according to other employees, this isnt true). My self-esteem was completely shot.

I feel like I am having to re-prove my abilities to work at this restaurant when my numbers and over-all sales really say it all. I have never had a customer or employee complaint and I have never been reprimanded for not finishing a tast. So why do I feel like I am on probation? Why do I feel like I am being punished? Am I being descriminated against or am I just being bullied? I hate going to work now, but I cannot afford to quit my job. Going to work depresses me and I know this cant be good for my baby James.

What do you think? What should I do? --- I have inquired about switching stores, but will that fix my problem? Advice/input greatly appreciated.

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  1. Talk to your gm's supervisor. You need to make sure everything is documented. Leave a paper trail on everything you do and with ALL of your conversations. Speek to the HR department via e-mail. Also talk to your doctor and go out on stress leave. This woe be considered a workers comp issue and your pay and job will be protected. Call me if you gave any questions. Xoxo I remember your job will not be there for ever but Josh and James will.