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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Aaaand Josh laughed at me.

For those of you who don't live in Ireland or England ... this is the best flavored milk in the whole wide world. Unfortunately you cannot get it here in the USA, not even in powder form. I tried to buy it from a website that sells Irish food in the USA, and they didn't even have any, and I was craving it BAAAADLY!!!

So I did what any pregnant lady with a crazy craving would do .... I emailed the company in England. I told them I am pregnant and am craving their banana flavored milk and asked if they knew any way I could get some all the way over here. To my surprise they responded within 24 hours saying that there is no way I can buy it over here BUT that they would send me some samples.

We were a little concerned that the package would get stopped in customs .... but nope! Here they are and I am one happy happy pregnant lady! Josh had laughed when I told him that I had e-mailed England, thinking that I was crazy. But nope .... I would be laughing now, but I'm too busy looking for a big old straw!!!

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