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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pregnant in Vegas

This past weekend Josh and I went to Las Vegas for his sister Shannan's wedding. I love Vegas. A few years ago I would make a trip out there every couple of months. But I knew this trip would be different, not only because we were there for an event, but also because I'm pregnant.

I have never spent a whole weekend in Las Vegas completely sober. It's not that I would get completely wasted, but I would move in and out of a steady drunken state. I was pretty excited for this new experience. And I must say that I think this was my favourite Vegas trip to date  :)

Definitely the most fun part was telling the side of Josh's family that didn't know we were pregnant yet. We are getting a little more relaxed about telling everyone now that we are nearing the end of the first trimester (I am 10.5 weeks). It's fun to tell family that you will be bringing a brand new family member into the world, especially when the family is as close as they are :)  It was also fun remembering the entire trip  ;)

I was going to say that I enjoyed not have to spend any nausea filled hours in bed ... but that's not entirely true. Two of the mornings, I wasn't feeling very well. But the for the most part, the nausea stayed at bay allowing me to enjoy the trip. One thing that did bum me out a little bit was when we (the ladies) went dancing on Saturday night at the Luxor. I had been very much looking forward to that, but my night-time stamina just isn't what it used to be. I was good until about midnight, but then people around us started smoking which not only made me feel ill, but made me worry about the baby. Then ... if you can believe it ... I thought the music was too loud!!! Must the the pregnancy senses, because I have never thought that before. It could also have been due to the lack of alcohol. I felt bad, and didnt want to riun the night, so I sat and danced instead giving my body a rest and drank some cranberry juice. Though we ended up leaving pretty early anyway (early for Vegas standards).

All in all, I very much enjoyed the trip. The wedding was gorgeous and I fell inlove with Josh's side of the family all over again. I fell inlove with Amy's family too  :)  All of our families are clearly meant to be together.
I also got to eat 3 plates of mashed potatoes at the buffet, shop with Danni at the Miracle Mile Center and visit the glorious M&M store. But more importantly, Josh and I had the quality time we needed to make sure we stay connected through-out our pregnancy despite him having to work long hours. Needless to say, I fell inlove with my baby-daddy all over again too  :)

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