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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

First little bump in the road (Part Two).

So when I got home after the accident my gut was telling me to go to the ER and just get checked out. Even if everything was perfectly fine, it would put my mind at ease, allowing me to relax and just recover from the accident myself. So off to the ER I went, crying almost the entire way there. Terrified of what the outcome could be.

The waiting room was thankfully pretty empty. So I checked in and was in the back for my vitals within 10 minutes. They spent 10 minutes doing blood pressure, heart rate and questions before taking me straight to my assigned bed in the ER. Almost right away a nurse came by to see me. She took the time to tell me what was going to happen, who was going to come see me and how long this was all going to take. She was awesome and very friendly, taking the time to tell me about her 5 month old baby girl and how her pregnancy was. She made me feel very comfortable.

The first doctor came in with a mini ultra sound machine just to have a quick look at the baby. As excited as I was to see the baby, I was really wishing that Josh was there so we could see the baby together. I was also nervous that she would find something wrong. But nope, there he or she was, moving his or her arms and legs, just hanging out. We could also see the flicker of the little heartbeat. But even though that all looked okay, they wanted to send me to radiology for a more in depth look just to be sure.

Nicole (the nurse from earlier) came back to draw some blood and put me on some IV fluids. She said they like to do that when they have a pregnant lady to make sure I don't get dehydrated with all the excitement. It was weird, I could taste it for the first few seconds, but after that it just made me really cold. I also had to pee like 10 times once the drip was finished.

Then thankfully, my friend Bekki came to keep me company. I was so happy to have someone there especially with Josh being out of town. It made time go faster and she kept my mind of off everything. Having her there even made the guy across the way throwing up not seem so bad. Thank you again Bekki!

They then took me downstairs for the in-depth ultrasound. I wasn't allowed to see the screen or hear the heartbeat (which is good, cause I want Josh there for that) because they only do ultra sounds for trauma patients. She took a ton of pictures, but then couldn't help herself by showing me one of them. She said, "Do you want to see something really cute?"  ... ummmm duh! When she turned the screen, it was my baby holding/rubbing his or her nose with his or her little hand. I loved it, because I used to do that as a baby  :)  It made me smile. Taking after his or her mommy already!

After waiting in my ER bed for another hour, the doctor came by to tell me what they had found. Everything looked okay except for the little spot of blood around where the placenta is attached to the uterus. While this is normal for some women, they found it on me after trauma and so they didn't want to assume it was there before. So they put me on bed rest for at least 3 days or until my regular ob-gym clears me.

It was quite a day and things could most definitely have been a lot worse. I am very thankful for whomever was looking over me and my little unborn baby during the accident and in the following hours. We are both very lucky. 5 hours in the ER was well worth it. Now I am just resting and healing with the help Bekki and Kyle who live right across the street. I look forward to telling our child about our first little adventure together.  :)

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