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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Crackers in Bed ... what, no breakfast???

This past week the morning sickness has made it's presence known. Although the term 'morning sickness' is very misleading. I think from here on out it should just be called 'pregnancy sickness'. For me it has just been nausea that comes in waves. Some waves are worse than others, but I consider myself lucky compared to what some of my pregnant friends face on a daily basis. My mom didnt really deal with any pregnancy sickness, so I was hoping my body would follow suit, but I wasnt quite that lucky.

Dad was telling me that one of his sisters would eat a digestive buiscuit while still in bed every morning before getting up and that would help alleviate some of the nausea. So mom suggested I keep some crackers on my bedside table. This morning when I woke up I rolled over and ate a cracker laying down. I got crumbs all over my pillow, but it did indeed alleviate some of the nausea I had been feeling earlier when I got up to visit the bathroom (again). I also had a sip of water before slowely sitting up and making my way to the living room.

Having crackers in bed isnt exactly like having breakfast in bed, but it made my morning much easier! I can safely say that there will be crumbs on my pillow every morning until the pregnancy sickness subsides.

When I first started getting the nausea I was staying away from food for fear that it would make it worse. But now I know that letting myself get too hungry actually makes the nausea worse ... so I try to eat something, even if its really small, every 2 hours or so. That way, my stomach has something to digest other than its own lining. Something I learned this morning is that when I get too hungry I get very painful hick-ups which I would also like to try and avoid!

So crackers in bed it is! .... Animal crackers in my bed .... lol  ;)

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