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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ok this was fun ... Can the baby be here now?

It's been a week since I tested positive for being pregnant, and I feel like I am finally settling into my new lifestyle. Obviously I cannot be completely settled ... after all, every day is different. But I am getting used to the symptoms that occur on a daily bases. For example, every morning I know I will wake up completely starving and nauseated at the same time, so I am prepared with whole grain crackers and water. I also set my alarm with enough time that I can get up slowly.
I know that after about an hour of sitting on the couch nibbling on a few more crackers that my stomach will be finally ready for the idea of some breakfast. As soon as I feel ready I prepare whatever I find somewhat appealing. I eat because I know the baby needs food, otherwise I wouldn't bother until I am feeling 100% better. Breakfast is still a struggle though, and my gag reflex is ready and waiting for me to lose control. I don't really start to feel completely better until mid afternoon, but at least the baby was fed :)

Something that has been new the last few days is that just the thought of foods makes me feel like throwing up. Just thinking about it in my mouth is enough to turn my stomach. So even when I am starving and want to eat ... finding something I can swallow is quite the adventure. Today for example, the only thing that I could easily swallow (not including the breakfast I inhaled) was lightly salted tortilla chips. Not very nutritious I know, but at least it was something. Hopefully tomorrow will be something a little more substantial. But thankfully this evening I managed some chicken noodle soup.

The cramping is slowly stopping which is nice. The cramping was due to my pelvis changing, my uterus growing, the baby implanting and the sudden surge of hormones. I know that I will get more as the pregnancy progresses, but for now I am pretty much cramp free :) 

The final big physical change ... and I am only discussing this because it is a pregnancy blog ... are my boobs. Oh my goodness, are they sore!!! They've already grown half a cup size which means I'm going to need to go shopping soon. This morning I couldn't raise my arms all the way because they were so tender. But hey ... I guess I wont be needing those implants lol  ;)

So yeah, emotionally I have settled in, but physically I haven't stopped changing in weeks. It's like puberty all over again! But when I think about the end goal ... a beautiful, healthy baby ... it is worth every tender, nauseated, cramping minute. I cant wait to be a mom.  :)

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