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Friday, August 26, 2011

Oh how my heart BUUUUURNS!

It's been a few days since I last posted anything. The only reason for this is because the past few days have been pretty rough as far as nausea go, and I really didn't want to keep writing about the same thing. However, today has been much better ... not nausea free, but better :)  and so I am back.

You know, I thought I had experienced indigestion before ... but you know what ... I was wrong. Last night Josh and I were sitting on the couch watching TV. Suddenly I had one of those hick-up burps that I thought was going to result in a vomit covered couch, but much to my surprise was just stomach acid. (I know, right ... sorry for ruining dinner!). It was unlike anything I had ever experienced. It came right up to my throat before my swallow reflex brought it back to it's rightful place. And wow did it burn! I spent the first 15 seconds just trying to catch my breath. It felt like I'd been winded or my water had gone down the wrong pipe. Once I sort of caught my breath I got up to get some water. Meanwhile, I couldn't stop coughing or swallowing, and sadly the saliva seemed to fuel the fire in my throat.

All I could think about was a glass of water, but for whatever reason, when I opened the fridge I reached for the Lactaid milk instead (I'm lactose intolerant). I poured it as quickly as I could before taking a big mouthful. As soon as that milk hit my throat the fire went out. It was such sweet relief! I ended up downing half a cup which thankfully settled my upset stomach. But my goodness ... I was very glad when that 5 minutes was over!

So I learned a lesson from all of that. Any time I eat something that I think might give me indigestion (or whatever THAT was) I simply drink a cup of milk afterwards. Since it's only been a day, I cannot really say if it works, but my esophagus and throat sure hope so! Would suck if that happened at work, where they don't have milk .... maybe 'Tums' and I shall have to put our differences aside ... just for the next 7.5 months.

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