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Friday, August 19, 2011

Prenatal Yoga Time!

I bought a prenatal yoga dvd a few days ago so that I would stay somewhat active and strong. Today is the first day that I managed to get up off the couch and onto my yoga mat to use it.

The prenatal section of the dvd is 30 minutes long and incorporates all the safe poses for an expectant mother. I had no idea that there were so many unsafe poses until I checked online! So be careful if you decide to go to a regular yoga class! Their is also a postnatal section on the dvd, but obviously I havnt used that one yet.

There was a lot of reminding me to breathe and smile and relax my face. Every time she said something along those lines, I was holding my breath or frowning because the pose was a little difficult, so I was thankful for the reminders. She also takes the time for you to connect with your breathing and your baby, which I feel is very important.

Despite having felt a little under the weather this morning, the entire 30 minutes was very doable, it even made me feel a little better (though I am not yet running to the fridge). So I can definitely see myself being able to do this a few times a week throughout the pregnancy.

I do hope to get to a few actual prenatal yoga classes. My friend Nadia is all for going with me and participating since this may be outside of Josh's comfort zone (which of course, I fully understand if he doesnt want to step inside a yoga studio). So I am happy to have a yoga buddy :)  Thank you Nadia!

So I highly recommend this yoga workout. It's nice and simple, but I feel like I had to work a little.

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