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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Every expectant mother worries.

When I was reading the baby book last night it seemed I was at the exact part that I needed to be at for me. It talked about how every expectant mother worries about everything, especially when it's their first pregnancy. As it turns out, every woman who is expecting for the first time (and this very much includes me) worries about miscarrying.

It's not that there is a history of it in my family or anything like that. I just find myself worrying about every little pain, every little feeling that is brand new and foreign. I worry that I am eating too much of the wrong thing and not enough of the right. I worry that I am moving too fast, standing too long or not sleeping enough.

It is strange to be in charge of a little life growing inside me. And because I've never done it before, it is also worrying at times. They say that 10% of all pregnancies miscarry ... I'd say that put the odds in my favour of keeping this wonderful child inside me until it is fully ready to survive in the world. But I cannot say that it doesn't cross my mind every day that I will slip up some how. After all, I have never had a little life depend on me so much before.

I guess all I can do is relax and listen to my body and my baby and stop worrying about having too many symptoms or not enough. After all ... I do believe I was praying for a nausea free day  :)

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